Unofficial Leather Kilt Day

This is not an “official” day. In fact today is the following: National earmuff Day, National Open and Umbrella indoors day and National Coconut Torte day, to name but a few . but who wants to celebrate those.

In my book, At Their Service, the men all wear leather kilts. It’s a cultural thing because they live on a different planet. I wanted you to be able see exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I was writing the book. So here are some hotties in leather kilts.


867650bb-99ab-4e82-8e8d-cd06d1846337_ThreeAcross aw-11509 eb2e410ea62cad6aa755fbe5caf63185



And just in case you think I’m cheating. Here are some pictures from today’s official holidays




Happy Thursday

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