Just in time for release day

At last I got a blog up and running and it’s even in time for my release date which is Friday 7th March 2014. At Their Service is a Cinderella Romance with a difference. I had decided to write a fairy tale but wanted to make it a bit different. So Cinderella (Drella) gets her Prince Charming (Abran) – of course she does.But what if someone else already had the heart of the prince? What if there is room in the prince’s bed for three? Not all fairytales are created equally.

at their service


As soon as I get the final file I shall upload an excerpt. Also sales links will be available as soon as I receive them.

Here’s the blurb…

When Drella gets a job as a maid at the Palace of Erotania, her life of drudgery, serving her ungrateful relatives, has a little glimmer of light. Prince Abran is sexy, but everyone knows he’s in love with his valet. She would never stand a chance, would she?

Prince Abran loves his valet Oshan. Oshan loves Prince Abran. But the heir to the throne needs his own heir. Drella, the sexy new maid, is up for a night of passion with both men. In a culture where families live in groups of four bi-sexual adults and their offspring, it’s expected for them to share a woman.

While Drella fights personal demons, Abran struggles to put aside his arrogance and show his lovers how he feels. Can Oshan share his lover and help Drella in hopes of finding their happily ever after – together?

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